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And the thing of it is, so many people denying that this experience happens, makes me sick! I have met so many men online who found out that I was a sex worker, or that I was a sex worker at the time, and pretended to be romantically interested in me, pursued me with a vengeance, “really wanted to get to know” me, and at the end of the f*cking day, you find out all they really wanted was some phone sex or webcam sex or physical sex for free.

Why? Why are there men who do this? Well the answer is simple! Because WHORE STIGMA! Because you’re a sex worker, because you f*ck for money, because you know how to do it better than anyone else, because you’re experienced, because you’re sexually aware, because of any other bullsh*t they can come up with to deny one true fact: these are selfish assholes who are predators and who don’t care about people as individuals.
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Chicago homocide rate 2013 already at 42 before end of January
January 31, 2013

A bloody weekend in which seven people were killed and six wounded has put an abrupt end – at least for now – to hopes that Chicago was at least putting a lid on its frightening homicide rate.

With a few days left in the month, the nation’s third-largest city now finds itself on the cusp of its deadliest January in more than a decade. The news comes just after Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy had announced that after several violent months, Chicago had seen a drop in homicides at the end of 2012 and for the first few weeks of 2013.

Police say the homicide rate is a reflection of the city’s gang problem and a proliferation of guns. (Read below for our thoughts on this minimal explanation) Chicago has for years tried to cut off the flow of guns. It has what city officials have called the strictest handgun ordinance in the U.S. But police officials say more needs to be done and that penalties for violating gun laws should be stiffer.

Among those killed over the weekend was 34-year-old Ronnie Chambers, who was shot in the head with what police believe was an assault weapon. Such guns are banned in Chicago but can be purchased legally in the suburbs or nearby states. Chambers is the fourth child of Shirley Chambers to fall victim to gun violence.

“I’d pray for God to protect Ronnie and keep him safe day and night,” Shirley Chambers told the Chicago Sun-Times.

With the weekend shootings, Chicago now has 40 homicides – the exact same number as last January. With a few days left in the year, the city could reach its deadliest January since 2002, when it had 45 homicides in the first month.

Chicago’s homicide count eclipsed 500 last year for the first time since 2008, but last week, McCarthy announced recent figures showing homicides had dropped. The city saw a 16 percent decline in the fourth quarter of 2012 and a 22 percent drop in the first weeks of January.

McCarthy wants lawmakers to increase jail time for those who are caught with illegal weapons, including for felons who aren’t allowed to have them and for so-called straw purchases, in which people buy guns for others who aren’t supposed to have them.

Chicago’s handgun ordinance bans gun shops in the city and prohibits gun owners from stepping outside their homes with a handgun. The city passed the restrictions in July 2010 after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down an outright ban that Chicago had for 28 years.

Chicago leads the nation in guns seized by police, and recently police have started displaying the guns each week to offer a visual reminder of the awesome firepower that is on the city’s streets as they push for tougher gun laws. First Deputy Superintendent Al Wysinger said Monday that last year’s total of 7,400 is nine times as high as the number seized in the nation’s largest city, New York, and three times as high as in its second-largest, Los Angeles.

So far this year, Chicago officers have taken 574 firearms, Wysinger said Monday.

Wysinger called the spate of shootings “frustrating” for the department. But he said the number does not mean there are problems with changes the department has made to combat crime, particularly a strategy to focus on gang members and gang activity.

“Without this gang violence reduction strategy this weekend could have been a lot worse than it was,” he told reporters.

McCarthy last week noted that New York finished 2012 with 418 homicides, a record low. He said New York’s stiffer penalties for gun violations help. McCarthy has repeatedly mentioned Plaxico Burress, the NFL football player who spent 20 months in prison on a gun charge after accidentally shot himself, as an example of New York’s tough gun laws.

“We are doing the same exact things New York is doing,” said McCarthy, a former high ranking member of that city’s police department. “What is different is the reasonability of the New York gun laws.”


This was published before Hadiya Pendleton, the girl who performed at the Inauguration, was shot & killed on Tuesday in Chicago.

Most articles about the violence in Chicago never even mention the influence poverty has on these murders that occur in communities of color. Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor wrote a great piece we’ve posted before called “Poverty pulls the trigger.” She wrote:

“Simplistic explanations for serious issues help to produce simplistic solutions that make for good sound bites but do nothing to actually address the real problem of crime and violence in poor and working-class communities of color. For example, a recent report made it clear that these murders are concentrated in the poorest and most-segregated neighborhoods in the city.

In fact, it would be more descriptive and accurate to describe the wave of violence in Chicago as “poverty-on-poverty” or “segregated-on-segregated” crime because that is the actual source of the tensions that have boiled over and led to the heightened murder rate in the city.

While Rahm Emanuel recently described the Chicago economy as “booming,” in the two-thirds of the city that is predominantly Black and Brown, there is an economic depression.”

One of Rahm Emanuel’s simplistic solutions is to put 200 more cops on Chicago’s streets.

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