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I’m still alive

but anyways, I kinda quit the sexwork thing and let my beard come back, it’s been about two years maybe? 

I’ve moved to Chicago. I’m losing weight. And I’m thinking that if I get down to a more “HWP” weight then I’ll try hooking again, but as FtM.  I’m never shaving my beard off again. 

Since I have a regular job then there won’t be as much pressure to $$earn$$ but I can slowly get a regular thing going, I’m hoping. 

Then use it to help save up for top surgery. 

And the thing of it is, so many people denying that this experience happens, makes me sick! I have met so many men online who found out that I was a sex worker, or that I was a sex worker at the time, and pretended to be romantically interested in me, pursued me with a vengeance, “really wanted to get to know” me, and at the end of the f*cking day, you find out all they really wanted was some phone sex or webcam sex or physical sex for free.

Why? Why are there men who do this? Well the answer is simple! Because WHORE STIGMA! Because you’re a sex worker, because you f*ck for money, because you know how to do it better than anyone else, because you’re experienced, because you’re sexually aware, because of any other bullsh*t they can come up with to deny one true fact: these are selfish assholes who are predators and who don’t care about people as individuals.
From “Watching It All Unfold: WhoreStigma” on Srsly Quixx•tica. (via quixxotica)

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